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Meet Phyllis

Thede spent her career working in Davenport Community Schools before retiring in 2016. Thede worked as an attendance secretary, paraeducator, and various other positions in Davenport, including union president and contract negotiator.

Phyllis grew up in Creston, Iowa before raising her family in Bettendorf. She and her husband, Dave, met while attending Southwestern Community College. Thede and her husband both attended Southwestern Community College and Westmar College. Phyllis and her husband are the proud parents of three successful daughters and the doting grandparents to four grandchildren. 


Phyllis has been a strong advocate for education within the community. She works closely with QC United, an organization that helps youths strengthen their social and emotional skills through educational experiences and awards college scholarships to graduating high school students. Phyllis has continues to be an advocate for education at the statehouse. 

Phyllis Was honored to begin her first term in the General Assembly in 2009 and has since served 2 more terms in the Iowa House of Representatives. Phyllis most recently served on the Appropriations, Ethics (Ranking Member), Government Oversight, Local Government, and Natural Resource committees. Phyllis is also a member of the Iowa Human Right Board.

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